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Stor-Age Careers Sonja Lotter



Why did you choose to apply to Stor-Age?

Even though Stor-Age is seen as a Need for Space company, I realised the underlying business had to do with property, and I love property. I was looking forward to working for a company involved in a fairly new sector in South Africa; being part of its growth and experiencing the different phases and stages, from construction to lease up.

What does an average day in your position entail?

I manage people, deadlines and expectations on a daily basis. No two days are the same and no matter how well I plan my day, I can add another hour or two for unforeseen urgent matters that always arise.

What learning opportunities have you been exposed to whilst at Stor-Age?

I’ve been exposed to various Inhouse training courses, for instance the MDF programme, Property Development, a Communications course and even a How to Chair a Hearing course which I found very informative and interesting. Stor-Age has given me the opportunity to attend seminars by The South African Institute of Professional Accountants so I can stay up to date with newest accounting and tax laws. I also enjoy the informal training opportunities which I have with my peers, managers and directors.

How do you make a difference by contributing towards the core values of the business?

By talking highly of Stor-Age whenever I am asked questions by investors/potential investors. I try to build staff morale and treat everyone equally. I believe I add value by sharing my ideas in how I think we can promote the business and our product to the public and investor markets. I take pride in my work and therefore keep information confidential. I am always on time and make sure we meet our deadlines. I never hesitate to go the extra mile as I want to see and be part of the growth and success of the company.

What highlights have you enjoyed whilst employed at Stor-Age?

I’ve enjoyed seeing how we’ve grown from only being 10 people at head office to over 50, going from five to over 50 stores in South Africa and to top it, entering the UK market. The fun times we’ve had at socials and conferences have also been highlights in their own special way. Listening to one particular motivational speaker, Hein Wagner, was truly inspirational.

What are your thoughts on the growth of the business?

Stor-Age has gone through phenomenal growth and the foot is still on the accelerator. So, there is no room to sit back and relax, it’s more a matter of buckle up as the best is still to come.

How would you rate your work/life balance?

Being in Finance and being part of a listed entity, you will always have those periods where you need to work longer hours as you have reporting deadlines which you can’t miss. The time I do have available for myself, I try to make the most of.

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